Аккумуляторный перфоратор


Accumulator perforator is a powerful instrument of impact. Unlike the drilling, the impact function is performed by an electro-pneumatic mechanism, which is much more effective. At the same time, the perforator can be operated from current sources.

Each battery perforator may be used by both a professional and a home master. Very often, the device is used to overthrow the openings under the encera in the concrete, and to fill the brick wall to 80 mm thick.

However, Work area to help work in low-light zones, fast-tracked cartridge is needed for light and rapid replacement of the beds, reversing will be useful when the windows are removed. Electronic speed adjustment It will allow for the rapid development of a tool for work with different materials. And the case is a pleasant supplement in which it is convenient to store and transport the perforator.

Instrument selection parameters

The main parameters of the choice are: Impact energy♪ It's her. battery perforators It is possible to divide into two classes, the household (up to 3 J) and the semi-professional (over 3 J). The first is better to buy a homeworker to drill and add thin walls (65 mm). Semi-professional tools are often used by builders ' brigades and various enterprises to carry out cross-cutting openings in fat solids.

Consideration should also be given to the availability of an allowance regime if the perforator is intended to be used as a militant, the regime will be necessary. But the price of such technology is higher and the energy consumption is higher - take it into account when you buy it.

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