Стол для циркулярной пилы

Circular Desk

небольшая настольная подставка для циркуляркиThe circular wash was a powerful tool with high productivity. One of the main advantages of the circular is that manoeuvrability becomes insufficient when large amounts of trees need to be sprayed. To simplify the process, it is easy to collect a table for a circular saw with your hands.

Table structure

Small desktop for circular

The design of the hand circular plate table is so simple that most of the masters produce it without preconditions and schemes. It's a strong version of wood and plywood. The most reliable bases for the table are made of metal. They're the heaviest and require the qualification of a cooker. As a result, more retrievals are made of waste. A circular saw is attached under the table and the disk is placed on it through a special cut. Pilots move through the canteen and scatter the rotating disc. For the convenience and accuracy of the work, the table shall be equipped with additional devices: angular and longitudinal.

крепление циркулярной пилы под столешницейThe table " eats " part of the disc ' s working surface, the depth of the saw will fall on the thickness of the table. It is therefore advisable to pick a circular with a maximum diameter of the disc, and the table is delicate but rigid.

If you don't have a drink yet, pick up high-powered models (1,200 W). They'll handle a large volume of wood. The openings will be drilled for the attachment in the sole: the lithium may crack. It is therefore desirable to choose a tool with a stampede.


reinforcements circular letter under the table

In order to make a good counterfeit for a manual Circular Pilate, there should be remembrance of carpentry skills, patience and a small number of materials:

  • Lamined plywood 15-20 mm;
  • Bros 50 x 50;
  • board;
  • switch;
  • External pink;
  • Electrical cable;
  • PWA glue;
  • wood lac (if plywood is not laminated);
  • I'm sorry.

And tools:

  • Electric;
  • Shrupovart;
  • drilling;
  • Linear.

The size of the table will depend on the size of the workshop. However, it would be uncomfortable to swap long cuts on the too small table. If the detail is entirely available on the working surface, the cut shall be smoother and more careful. The height of the legs depends on the growth of the master.

For a small workshop, a desk structure with an approximate dimension of 50 x 50 x 25 cm is convenient.

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