Бензопила Энергомаш ПТ-9937Б

Benzopila Energy Mob

Price, quality, weight, strength!

I don't know.

Yes, almost no!


Year and more

Benzopila is very happy, because I know this model for a long time, I've been working so hard for two years, and now I've got another one to go to the village. The quality's still improved, the Lung Start is added, the carburator from the factory is adjusted correctly, it's easier to get off the floor. Works for conscience, it's been a long time since it's not expensive, it's easy to work.
Benzopila has been completed in modern design, has comfortable pens, is equipped with an anti-vibration system that significantly facilitates work, reduces the pressure on the hands and, consequently, fatigue.
Access to a quality, nylon filter and a carburator is very convenient, which facilitates the maintenance of the saw.
Energomas Pyla engine PT-9937B with 37, 2 cubic cm having a power of 1.8 kW, good for economic needs, such power is sufficient, it cuts even for the whole length of the tyre, it's not bad.
Benzopila Energomás PT-9937B is sufficiently reliable and user-friendly, despite the low price, it has been done with quality and pleasure. The most important thing is not getting a fake, the right bee is manufactured at a factory in China where GGP orders are executed.

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