С помощью струбцины

Circular Pillar

специализированные направляющие для конкретных моделей пилThe value of the firm guide tyre is approaching the price of the Circular Pile itself. Is this accessory really necessary, for which it is applied, can the tyre be neglected, replaced or made with its own hands?

Designation of a guide tyre

specialized model guides

Anyone who's been working a disk drink knows how hard it is to do it exactly. With all the efforts to send the instrument clearly in the charts, he's still nosing to move away. As a result, waste of material and time.

Some masters are adjustable: a pair of strubbs on the line. However, with a manual circular, this method is uncomfortable - strubbins are used for the instrument.профиль правила There are several other reasons for using the guide tyre:

  • using the rule, it is necessary to adjust its position at all times. It's set up with a little backwards of the line, but then the disk will definitely pass through the line. This method will be done in single work. If there is a need to make many precise sprays, the process of flour;
  • The typewriter for the circular saw is designed so that its edge is clearly aligned with the line of sale. The master only needs to combine these two lanes and work;
  • The quality tyres are additionally marked with a soft ribbon preventing the fragment of material, such as MDF or laminate;
  • at the same time, it's uncomfortable to drink and monitor the location of the rule. A little or no, and the material is ruined. When working with a tyre, it's only necessary to move the saw forward.

There are many types of guide tyres: universal or specialized under a given model or manufacturer. The price of universal devices is generally higher than specialized. Therefore, many homemade crafts have their own hands.

Make the tire with our hands.

The main task is to do so. with your hands. Geometric is an exact product that's not easy. I'd like to make a comfortable and reliable device with a minimum of time.

The bases may be: a shweller, a corner, a rectangular section pipe and even a laminate. Wooden and pressed guides have a serious deficiency - they are sensitive to the moisture.

струбцины направляющая в сборе готовая направляющая рельса так профили должны совмещаться
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