Перфораторы Sparky

Sparky Perforator

Mass, kg 1.4
Max. speed, v/min

The maximum speed of rotation is idling. High maximum speed indicates high productivity even with low power.

Max. number of strikes, y/min

Number of idlings per minute. The more important it is, the greater the productivity of the instrument.

Strike energy, J

The battery perforators are divided into two groups. The first is a professional with a maximum energy of 30 J. Two are domestic. They have an impact force much less than 1, 5-3 J.

Max. Cricket diameter (Beton), mm 10
Max. Cricket diameter (Dervo), mm 20
Max. Cruising diameter (Metall), mm

The battery capacity depends on the time of continuous operation of the instrument. The more this is, the longer the tool will be developed without charge. The manufacturers usually have batteries with a capacity of between 1, 3 and 4 A.


The battery voltage depends on the instrument ' s functionality. Because the higher the output, the higher the loads of the operation will be able to fulfil the instrument. Accumulative perforators are usually equipped with batteries with a voltage of 10, 8 to 36 V.

Like a skukum.

The instrument may be composed of one of three types of batteries: NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion. The dignity of the first: is designed for a large number of charges, shortcomings, memory effects, weight. Second: Lower weight and significantly reduced memory, flaw: not suitable for freezing. Thirdly, there is considerable productivity and small weight. There are no clear shortcomings.

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