Какую лучше купить циркулярную

Circular Letters Of Withdrawal

Kalibre's discopy will ensure high productivity and quality. The Circular Digest will be useful for those involved in the construction or repair of the doses or bruises to carry out longitudinal and inclined wood cuts. If you buy special disks, other materials can be melted: plastic, sandwich plates, metals.


The Calibre Circular Pills consist of an engine, a sliding disc, a metal base, pens (basic and lateral), depth scales and inclination angles, and other component managers. The kit includes the key of the six-brainer and the guide. All the Calibr discs are equipped with a blade. He prevents the stacking of the disk in the longitudinal cuttings. An inclination can be set to 45 degrees.


  • Light models - small dimensions and weight (3, 4 kg) will allow one hand to work. They'll be suitable for fast black cuts. 1050 W, diameter 165, 190 mm.
  • medium category - weight 4, 1 kg, power 1200 W, diameter of 160 mm. Compact circular saw with standard settings. The speed of 4,500 per minute for the exact and net melting.
  • Heavy - weight of 6 kg, disc 200 mm, power of 1800-2000 Wt for high-quality fat boilers. Calibr EPA 2000+st, with the possibility of a fixed installation, is a rare model. It's easy to put on a vertebrae with stroubcin. It also has a small weight of 6, 6 kg and a high power. High speed gives a high quality cutting.

With all the positive characteristics that have the Calibre circulars, their cost is important and low. If it suits you, call our managers. They'll help you get the order and answer all the questions.

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