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How Much Electricity Cost

SAM_5739.JPGIt's been a long time since I've been writing about it, it's all in the air, it's all about the construction work, it's still got to be repaired, and it's a 1-2 emergency trip. Still, it's moving quietly.

I put the rope on the porch, it's getting better. It's quite strong, I've put all my weight on them to mount a drain, and I've kept it and haven't wandered. You just need to paint.

Couldn't stop her from making a tidy hole and throwing surpluses right into the ditch. It didn't take all of August to fill it with "cooks" at all. Everything that goes to the bay of the greenhouses was filled with rain.SAM_5742.JPG However, the area of half of the roof (in projection on a horizontal plane) is about 25 m2, so that the barrel is filled with 9 mm rainfall. There's been a lot more of them.

The first wall (leading) falls apart, I stitched it first, and I didn't make it good - used the old car as a river, and it didn't even use the river, it was blunt over the top, and it was screaming and a lot of places where the nails hit it, it starts and keeps nothing. And the boards are stunned, not class, not once. We'll have to retrieve.

This barrel is historically the first of us on the water supply system, which has been maintained in a working state of 10 years and has not kept any original detail. Mostly, she suffered from sudden freezes, and the iron pipes, and the edge for 30 rubles, and the iron bar that used to be upstairs. But in the summer, it's hard to come up with something safer - to break with nothing!

Unlike the new one.

Heading options:
- The evil Tusik came to us in the winter.
- Black pig separation benefit

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