Крепление ручной дисковой


Discopy on wood a well-required electrical tool for masters of any level of professionalism. It is compact and will be an excellent tool for building and repair, both at work and at home. A wide range of different disk and manual Circular Peel models is presented in the modern market for professional electrical equipment, including the type of tool with suitable parameters and power.

Discopy can be domestic and professional. Domestic electrical equipment is designed for short-term, not intensive use. In turn, the occupational model has a more powerful engine, which allows regular use in intensive mode. In addition, professional circulars Multifunctional and can be used effectively in various work, so their cost is generally higher.

The main criterion for choosing such an instrument is the scope of application. In accordance with the plan to use it, the outer diameter of the thick disc shall be selected, taking into account the depth of the saw at right angles. The practice has shown that a circular saw on a tree with a depth of between 50 and 70 mm has been widely demanded to date, as it is sufficient to carry out basic work. In addition, small manual models are very convenient because they have high manoeuvrability and require minimum efforts from the user.

Wood or metal plates with a depth of 100 to 130 mm tend to be a professional electrical tool because their power and productivity are very high. In keeping with its choice on a professional manual tool, it must be remembered that its mass is high enough, and if it is necessary for regular use, it may be better to use a piece such as a permanent disc saw.

What it is important to take into account when buying a Circular Pilate on a tree

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