Схема устройства редуктора

Shrupovvert Device

Устройство шуруповертаSimplified battery fuser: constant current engine, revolution controller, planetary refrigerator, load limitation mechanism and battery. The additional devices for snoring are a network charger and an emergency battery.

Shrupovvert device: 1 is a reversal controller, 2 is an electric motor, 3 is a retractor.

Shrupovvert device: 1 for speed control, 2 for reversing, 3 for a speed controller attached to a radiator, 4 for an electric motor, 5 for a refrigerator.

The DC engine is cylindra with permanent magnets inside the body. The engine anchor is located on latuna-propelled pushers. The anchor itself is made of electrotech steel with a high magnetic permeability. In the paza, the anchor is packed with stained copper wire. Through an equal number of turns, the wet has a way out of the collector plates. The anchor is pressed by a leading pole (solent).Устройство шуруповерта The engine clicks are touched by the canvasss of the anchor. For safe contact, the cheeks are springed and are isolated from the engine hull. According to the scrubbing pattern, the stress is only on the cheeks. If the polarity of the engine brush voltage changes, the rotational direction will also change.

Solar 6 engine (upstream) and planetary refrigerator (down)

Planetary Rector Shrupovvert is in a separate hull. The editor consists of the following elements: the ring pole, the sunshine (pressed to the core of the anchor), the salads and the driver. Rector details may be made of both plastic and metal. The location of individual details should be clarified in order to better present the work of the editor.

Двигатель с солнечной шестерней (сверху) и планетарный редуктор (снизу) Планетарный редуктор Второе водило с сателлитами Выступы на торце кольцевой шестерни
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