Циркулярные пилы бывают самых

Stationary Circulars

Desk Circulars (splits) are designed to simulate the precincts in a longitudinal and transverse direction and at an angle. A wide range of round-up plants that are offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers allows for the selection of equipment for any conditions. You can find a great tool for homework or for production. Anyway, the round-up statue will help you do your job quickly and qualitatively.

The following types may be identified by design:

  • Circular desk - That's a great option for a home shop. Most models weigh about 20 kg. You can put it on the backstrike for work, and then you can get it to the right place. Maximum depth of the straight-line propeller Circular desk plate within 40 to 80 mm.
  • The propulsion machine is a table elongator that makes it possible to process large preparations. Some melting machines have their back legs folded, and they can be quickly put down to transport the instrument. The depth was at right angles 80 to 90 mm.
  • Stationary round-floating machines - as major equipment recommended for small businesses, can be used in large-scale production for support operations. Their stable stanine ensures a high quality of work. The maximum was 70-125 mm.

For each group, a melting machine of the domestic and professional class can be found. The latter are more qualitative, often easier to build, and they are better equipped with a variety of tools. All the models are equipped with a trigger to pull the saw.

Important characteristics

  • power - functionality;
  • deep down Circular machines are selected according to the size of the harvest;
  • spindle speed - the more the melting machine works.


A standard wood plate can be equipped with a desk melting machine for a CPD. It's good for pressed stoves, laminate, soft wood. For solid rocks, it is recommended to have a special dental bed to perform fast-tracks. When selecting the discs, draw attention to their diameter and size of the landing area.

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