Bort BHD-700 - такой


Accumulator Bort BHD-14.4 98298680 is a tool for those who often have to work high. It'll fit plastic windows, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Many of the drills have exceeded it by weight and dimensions. Still, it's a powerful machine with a pneumatic impactor to drill the standard openings in concrete and a brick with a diameter of 6, 8 and 10 mm. The impact rate is 4,300 per minute and the energy of the single impact 1.1 J. In terms of productivity, it does not lag behind network models with similar characteristics.

Two in one: perforator and drifter.

The perforator Bort BHD-14.4 is positioned by the producer as the 2-V-1 tool. And that's right, because he's got two modes of operation-- a hit-and-a-a-turn. Second regime use perforator As a scoundrel. The truth will have to be at a relatively low speed of 900 o/min. In order to move the drift into the drift mode, the selector shall be lightly switched to the appropriate position and a transceiver shall be installed for sliding and stunting. So you can drill holes of up to 16 mm in the tree and 10 mm in the metal.

Lighting and level of accurate work

For the comfort work of the operator, Bort BHD-14.4 is equipped with a closed type handle with an elastic lining. The bubble level built into the hull will not deviate from the horizontal. The lighting of the work area will be useful in unlightened places. The proxies should be marked with a convenient reversing in the form of a cross-cutting button and a direction change indicator. The perforator will fit any standard SDS-Plus tailing. With a lithium-ion battery, the instrument works long without charge.

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