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Circular Panel

Domestically, there is often a need to melt wood or other material. The Circular File Disclosure provides an opportunity to significantly speed up the work, to reduce the percentage of the marriageable parts to the minimum.

Choices DVDs

When buying a product, the following features should be highlighted:

  • The basic parameters, i.e. diameter, thickness and dimension of the installation openings, shall correspond to the characteristics of the saw to which the component will be installed.
  • A monolithic or solid construction. Monolith is cheaper, it can be wrapped up without a problem, but it loses its imaginary sharpness faster. The hard-core option is to have tungsten plates on the teeth, it's harder to read, but it's too slower.
  • The shape of the dents of the pile circulars determines the speed and overall quality of the rubber. A straight cut facilitates the acceleration of work, but the most universally considered is a trajectory that can easily be cut both by MTSPs and plastics.
  • Number of teeth. The longitudinal cutting is more comfortable with discs with a small number of teeth, whereas the cross-section is reversed.

Pilks, electrical lobster components, are used for more delicate work. Some nuances should be taken into account in the selection of the saw:

  • Pilks on metal take a step from 1 to 2 mm, by tree, from 2, 5 to 4 mm. Ceramics have special articles that have a solid abrasion in place of teeth.
  • Steel with high carbon content will be suitable for wood, low for metal.
  • The type of tailor needs to be chosen according to the lobbying model.
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