18-вольтная аккумуляторная

Accumulative Circular Saw

represent mobile versions of similar online tools. Our store recommends that attention be paid to disk (cyrcular) and cable batteries. They perform the same tasks as conventional saws, i.e., disperse various materials (wood, metal, plastic). But in situations where mobility and independence from the power grid is required, the acquisition of the battery model is justified.


  • Disco The battery beer (cyrcular) is needed in locations remote from electrical pinks or where the normal circular is uncomfortable, for example, on the roof.
  • Salary saws are particularly required where mobility is required, for example, in the work of rescuers.
  • Diamonds is intended to simulate the ceramic stove, glass and glass, which is reinforced with wire. The absence of a network cab which is confused under its feet is a clear advantage.


  • The battery. It depends on how long the instrument will work on one charge, as well as how fast it will be. Batteries with a voltage of not less than 18 V shall be installed on disk and cable beers. For the diamond, a 12 V battery is sufficient. A second battery and a quick charge device is a significant advantage.
  • Engine. Compars power and economic power transfer. The installation of systems such as deactivating brushes shall extend the engine ' s service lines and the engine ' s locking and brake shall ensure the safety of use.
  • Disk and pills. Different battery circulars are equipped with disks 80-184 mm. Pilks of 100 to 350 mm shall be produced for salvage.

With the help of our store, you can easily and without extra trouble find the instrument you need. Before you choose to consult with the specialists, our managers will help you find the battery pil that is best suited to you. Call us and get an answer to any interesting question!

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