Filtration System for Arctic Spas

Each Arctic Spas pool has an active filtration system —  Arctic Spa Pro Filters, which provides a more active and powerful purification rate. Almost all pools are equipped with double filters, which can be filled with different cleaning materials.

Water purification includes mechanical cleaning using a skimmer that eliminates large debris particles and a cartridge filter for small particles.

The design feature of the skimmer is that it works on the surface of the water on the principle of a float and provides debris collection using a skimmer basket at different water levels in the range up to 25 centimeters. At the same time, even when the filtration pump is completely turned off, all the collected debris remain inside the skimmer basket, and the skimmer itself remains on the surface of the water.

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Advantages of the filtration system:

The power of the system allows you to pump water through the filter 10 times in 1 hour. Therefore, an average of 4-6 hours is enough for intensive water purification.

The system can be programmed by increasing the filtration duration up to 24 hours a day, and here you can also program the filtration cycle, i.e. the time of its start, duration and frequency depending on the intensity of use. During filtration, one hydro massage pump will be turned on at the first speed (the pool will consume 0.90 kW: 0.75 kW is the first speed of the hydro massage pump, plus 0.15 kW is electronics).

Arctic Spa Filters trap particles from 1 micron in size, that is, 30 times smaller than standard surface filters that capture impurities from 30-40 microns.

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The water in the SPA is warm, which creates exceptionally favorable conditions for the reproduction of microbes and bacteria, the destruction of which is achieved using an ozonation system and water treatment with chemicals.

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