Перфоратор Интерскол

P-26 800Aire

The Russian company INTERCOL has returned to the range of well-known users the three-model perforator P-26/800ER at a price that is affordable and very attractive to the products of this class. This decision is not easy: in today ' s economic situation, it is often cost-determining in electing a tool.

Of course, the P-26/800ER model has been upgraded with a number of design improvements. In particular, the characteristics of the electric motor have changed, the compression-vacuum impactor (CLM) has been optimized, and its reliability has increased further. In the same power, single impact 3, 0 J The updated perforator has slightly decreased its capacity (currently 780 W) and its productivity, which is, however, important only in serial drilling of a large number of openings in concrete, stone, etc. In all other cases, a slight decline in this parameter is not a role and will not be observed by users.

The external appearance and functionality of the upgraded INTERCOL perforator P-26/800ER remained unchanged. A well-known model for professionals and domestic crafts continues to be equipped with a reliable and durable brush reversal allowing the electric motor to develop the maximum torque when rotating both in the straight (right) and in the reverse ( left) direction, and a safety bulb that protects the operator from reversal when stacking the tube. In addition, there is a Vario-Lock For the pre-positioning of the doloth in a given angular position, an automatic SDS-plus tow, allowing for a light and rapid change of the bed, as well as a four-metre bulb in a soft rubber insulation not destroyed by low temperatures and other negative factors.

This has resulted in a convenient, light, powerful and, above all, as affordable as possible (recommendable retail price less 5,000 roubles() A perforator that meets all modern requirements of ergonomics, reliability, efficiency and safety.

Technical characteristics of the updated INTERCOL perforator P-26/800 ER

Rated power, W


idle speed, min-1


Nominal frequency of impact, min-1


Nominal impact energy, J

3, 0

The highest diameter of the concrete drilling is full-blown drill, mm


Dining range, m

Mass according to ERTA procedure, kg

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