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If you know what the peculiarity of the hipposcoartone and the design principles of the material are, it will not be difficult to make the shell. If he's in a high humidity room, we need to buy a moisture hypsocarton leaf.

You will.
- Hipsocarton
- PP 60/27 metal probe and PH 27/28
SM 3, 5/51
- Self cuts for hypsocarton
- wood self-rearing
- electric shock
- Shuravort.

1 Stella is a construction from the shelves and side walls. Its height may vary, but it looks particularly effective if it takes a space from the floor to the ceiling. The principle of collecting it is more complex than in similar wood or CPD designs. The point is that any hypcho-arton product is a carcas that is built from a metal profile.
2 There are many different varieties of this material, but two types of activity are used in the work with hyposocarton: PP 60/27 and PCN 27/28. From the first, vertical and horizontal walls are made, and from the second, guides, carcasses in the required position. The main difficulty in making stellar is to build a carcas. It's not gonna be hard to sew him up.
3 The starting point is: the size and shape of the shell shall be determined, then a small pencil of the future design. Then they start marking the wall, which has decided to mount the shell. For this, the marker or pencil notes the location of vertical waste. At least 80 cm long is used in the work. The floor shall further indicate the distance from the wall, which shall correspond to the width of the shell, and the line shall be perpendicular to the vertical supports.
4 On the floor, the direction profile of the GN 27/28 shall be fixed. That's why they use wood and snooper. Afterwards, the vertical supports of the RP 60/27 metal probe shall be cut and fixed. The ones that will be located directly on the wall are attached to it. The lower torso of each pillar is placed in the directional profile. It'll give the carcas sustainability. If the shell must be high to the ceiling, similar guides shall be installed upstairs, strictly opposite those on the floor.
5 The shell carcass may be mounted from any type of metal profile. Direct or shorter suspensions may be used as connectors. The carcass of each shelf shall be a solid rectangular design, all the angles of which shall be firmly fixed on the vertical counters. This work uses SMN Self Cuts 3, 5/51 mm. They record the profile and the suspensions.

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