(Signed) Ledobur Shurupovart

Sergei has assembled an ice crench kit with a stun gun. What features?
Shrupovvert needs a strong, preferably 18-volt with 3A/h high-steep batteries, preferably at least 80 Nm.

Sign on the salapinru Canal.
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The storm is desirable to have one that allows the removal of the pen and the installation of the drain through the transient. In the case of a fussing problem, a transient is just being turned around, a pen is put back and drilling continues with his hands as usual.

Also, we need a special transponder, he showed up in a video that connects the burg-hupovert. It's still very good to make a safety ring that protects the storm and it won't fall under the ice if the transponder jumps out of the drain.

p.s. When a metre wet ice drills in 10 seconds of 160 storm, and in one battery of 24 moons, it's impressive. Who would ever get on the last ice with a layered, complex ice, would understand me:

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