Литий-ионный аккумулятор


Reliable batteries for Hitachi's electrical tool.

Hitachi's electrical tools have been on sale for a long time, and they won a confession. The demand for products from the manufacturer is still unsatisfactory. The thing is, Hitachi's electrical tool is high reliability, durability and simplicity. The company ' s employees are constantly working to improve their products. One feature of the product is that many models work not from the network but from battery batteries. But there's a minus. After a few years of use, batteries lose their capacity and electrical tools stop working. In that case, you don't have to waste time, but you need to buy a new battery for a snoop. AEG 12vHitachi or other brand, depending on your tool model.

With the installation of a new power cell, shuroverts, drifts and other types of instrument will again be able to perform their functions in the past mode. When you choose a new battery, you must draw attention to its compatibility with your product model as well as its technical characteristics. With the small weight of the batteries represented in our catalogue, the weight of the whole instrument will hardly change with the installation of a new element. Before you buy it, you'll notice the battery type. If it relates to lithium-ion, then its weight will be less than nickel cadmium, and it'll work between the charges longer.

One of the main performance indicators for the battery is its voltage. The higher this characteristic, the better the instrument ' s productivity will be. Buy. Battery for snoring AEG 12v and Hitachi can be in our store.

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