Аккумуляторный шуруповерт

Shrupovart's Crunch

It is now one of the most popular tools that should be not only for professional builders, but also for any homeworker. The vast number of models that are now present on sale makes the choice of good scoundrel quite difficult. What's the first thing to focus on buying? Let us consider all the basic criteria for choosing order.

Network or battery?

Shuranovates are online and battery--- not very popular now, because they have limited scope. They usually have a non-removable ammo under an internal six-band (mainly for the installation of the bat) and use them, for example, hypsocotone installers to attach leaflets to the metal profile. The biggest minus network snoopers is, of course, the presence of a cable. Mobility and convenience are immediately lost. Another case, which, in addition to the autonomous operation from the battery, can also be used as a drill with a fast-tracking bullet.

Legacy and ergonomic

In fact, one of the most important qualities Good scoundrel. - it's easy and ergonomic. These qualities are the first place for professional builders, because with the slightest scoundrel, you're much less tired in mounting different degrees of complexity. This allows much more work to be done in less time. It's very important! Like, it weighs a little less than a kilo! They'll be comfortable not only to collect furniture, but they'll also be able to work up.


It's more important to draw attention to the power of the scoundrel, and simply to the “voltage”. The greater the voltage of the battery from which the snooper dies, the better its technical characteristics. First of all, it's a torque. The bigger the torque, the greater the diameter of the schrup that you can wrap up with that scumbag.
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