Shrupovart Charge

They are intended to report electrical charges to the batteries. Some equipment is supplied in a kit, but if not, the charger can always be purchased separately.

Loading devices for mooring and other battery equipment shall be issued for the following types:

  • Slow - The most pathetic influence of the battery;
  • Accelerated Re-establish the battery ' s operational capacity as soon as possible;
  • The conditioning, when used regularly, significantly increases the working resource of Ni-MH and Ni-Cd feeding units.

Selection parameters

To buy a suitable apparatus, pay attention to the type of chargeable batteries. For example, a rapid charger for a battery of shrimp and other instrument can work with NiCd; NiMH; Li-ion batteries immediately or only with individual batteries.

It's also the minimum time of charge. Before this time interval passes, it is not recommended that the battery be shut off. The devices represented in the catalogue of our store have a minimum charge time of 9 to 60 minutes. We also recommend that we take into account the voltage of the chargeable batteries: batteries that are not suitable for this parameter to the VOC should not be connected - they will be out of service.

Every charger Shrupovart device, lobster, stapler and other battery tools Charging indicatorwhen it burns, the device works. Once he's gone, the charge is over. This will allow visual determination of the end of the charge.

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