Делаем Li-Po аккумулятор для

Mukita Mob

In this shirt, you can pick up Makita's shoebatterers and other similar instrument for this manufacturer. Lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallhydride elements of a capacity of 1 to 3 A*h are represented in the range.

Catering component range

The manufacturer offers a model of different shape: cubic, rim and slider, you can pick up a battery suitable for your type of instrument. Batteries differ in tension: you have the option of buying a battery for Makita 14 volts, 18 or 36 volts. Models with lower value are also presented in the range: 9, 6; 10, 8; 12 volts.

Important features

For work at low temperatures The nickel-cadmium elements of nutrition are well suited. However, because of the memory effects before the charge, they require complete discharge. Noel-metallhydride batteries are missing. But the most perfect is lithium-ion batteries. They have an integrated microprocessor system that provides a two-way connection to the charger. This helps to optimize the charge process with battery control. For example, Battery for snoring Makita Charge only in 22 minutes.and start work again! The working time of these elements is 430% highermore than other batteries.

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