Дрель-шуруповерт Интерскол Ш-8


Since battery drifters have taken their place in the hands of multiple users, electrical engineering manufacturers have continuously expanded the model rows of these devices to offer the best ratio of quality, technical characteristics and price. While this economic situation is unattainable, INTERCOL specialists have been able to meet the challenge by issuing new series of M3 and L3 batteries and their simplified M1 and L1.

The Russian company INTERCOL began a few years ago to upgrade the range of battery-drills produced. As a result, new series M3 and L3 (as well as their simplified M1 and L1 modifications) have been introduced into the market, taking into account the long-standing experience of company specialists in the establishment of previous series, as well as the results of independent tests and, of course, the feedback of numerous Internet users.

Characteristics of new series

Accumulative M3 and L3 INTERCOL-SCOL-System drift-nets can successfully meet practically any tasks related to openings and work with anchorages, of course, within the broad but not endless technical capabilities of each model. This universality is ensured by an effective two-speed redrafter, optimumly selected gears and the most wide-ranging linear range in its class, allowing for maximum precision the force when the anchorage is prolonged.

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