Дрели, шуруповерты - купить в

Internet Shuravorts

The best solution to fill out your toolbox is to buy a burglary on the SOPS Internet store at a profitable price. You can choose a model with the characteristics you need without extra time and without leaving your house or office.

Through our portal, we can order a low-cost drifter on the Internet with delivery to the address.

Types of scoundrel or something

Depending on the type of diet, whisperers are classified into two types.

  • Accumulators. A powerful mobile tool that allows work even in difficult locations. The most demanded is lithium-ion batteries: small weight, no memory effects, the largest power supply.

Metal hybrids are popular, the best to work at negative temperatures. Flaws are memory effects, battery is mandatory for complete discharge.

  • Networks. Fewer than battery. Used with continuous access to the source of food and long and continuous work as necessary.

Dreli-showers for domestic and professional purposes are very different in their characteristics. For soft materials (driver, hypsocarton) there is a sufficient tool with a small speed of up to 400 min and 15-20 Nm torque.

Professionals will need a more powerful scoundrel. Bethon and bricks require an instrument at a speed of about 1,300 o/min, the torque shall not be below 100 Nm.

OPS recommends

When selecting a shurostat, the functionality and the ergonomic nature of the goods should also be highlighted. The existence of additional landings makes it possible to use the instrument as a drill or a gaikovert. There will be no extra impact mechanism for heavy concrete work.

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