Схема устройства шуруповерта

Electrical Shrupovart

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Electrical Shrupovart (Driel Shrupovart) is a manual electrical tool designed to override the openings, turn and turn the shaves and screws. The electrical nucleus DT-0103 is equipped with an engine of 280 W. The maximum speed of rotation of the electrical nucleus is 0-750 w/min. An e-regulation of the number of revolutions is achieved by an indispensable submarine of turns to the relevant work process. And the possibility of selecting a torque allows for the use of a scoop for different purposes. The electrical scrub diameter is 5 mm for steel, 10 mm for wood. The superficial DT-0103 electrical fuser will also be followed by industrial drills and bats of up to 10 mm diameter.

Manufacturer Intertool
280.0 (W)
Diabric dimensions
Weight 1.7 (kg)
Additional characteristics
Guarantees (months) 11
Nutritional voltage (B) 230
Speed (op/min) 0-750
Patron (mm) 1, 0-10
Wood span diameter: 10 mm; steel: 5 mm

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