Coal Shrupovart

With a small weight and modest size, these instruments are easily corroborated by long googles, fat slices and gravy. We're studying the device and the principle of work, matching the usual shuropovert.

What's a screwdriver?

Compact and effective. It's a small, light instrument that looks like a battery churopet, only without a bullet. He's got a rough time. In doing so, it makes fat long deaf and self-repelled. He's got a normal engine inside that feeds from a normal battery. The secret is not in power, but in a completely different device and the principle of action.

Main principle: Tangenic impact

It's on the touch. It's a special kind of impact, not the one that operates perforators or drills. Imagine that the key was thrown on the gaik and hit it with a hammer, dragging the anchor stronger and stronger. Also in our case: first, the instrument is rapidly rotating the screw or the gike, and when more or less tangible force is needed, it will be a frequent blow.
How does that work? The impact is provided by the so-called " molot " , which runs forward under the spring. In the course of the " molot " , at some point, she is chained to the " valley " and thus transmits the angular pulse.

In the photo: battery hycovert SIW 22T-A Hilti.

Accumulative gaikurt is, on a large scale, the same screwdriver, only designed to work with gazes and bolts. He's slightly above the length, and instead of a cartridge with an inner 1/2 trim, he's going to be a 1/2 square under his head. It is no surprise that these two instruments are often marketed by a couple today, in the form of two compact models with minimal differences.
Seth hycoverts are a different case. They're heavy, positioned, and they don't have a Windworth twin.
Accumulative angular gycovert is a car with a long narrow hull capable of delaying gaiquis in difficult places.

What choice?

Depends on the task. Yeah, it's possible to tighten the gravy, but there's a risk of breaking the six-strong tail. It's better for the gaikort to squeeze the gazes, and the vintovert is the screws, the slices and the deaf.

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