Дрель-шуруповёрт Makita 6261

Choose A Bully For The House

bosch=Drel Shrupovt is a universal household option. Patron is designed for bats and cylindrical tails. Battery capacity is small, and charging takes between 1 and 4-5 hours.


    A low-cost tool for unfrequent simple work. It can be used as a drill - for example, drilling wood or soft non-ferrous metals, but because of a small speed (550 min) it's not very effective. Therefore, the main application is still the work with the fortress. Patron is two-mouth-- to replace the bed, you need one hand to record the bullet, and the other to twist. There's one niche battery in the kit that's fully charged in 3-5 hours.

  2. HAMMER ACD122

    Homeworker with an extended function. With the second speed (up to 1,200 / min), the instrument can be used as a complete drift. There's a magnet built into the base to hold a smear or a bat. It's particularly convenient when you're working at altitude. The model has a set of two niche batteries (capacity 1, 2 Ach) and a case for storage. There's a light on the hull.

  3. DA1012M2 (T)

    A low-speed two-speed moron, filled with two batteries. The increase in the capacity to 1, 5 Ach allows for more work on one charge. Accelerated charging (about 1 hour versus 3-5 hours for Hammer models).makita= With an increased number of steps, the torque may be more accurate. The replacement of the casings will facilitate the automatic locking of the spindle (the patron shall be twisted and wrapped with one hand).

  4. BOSCH PSR 1440 LI-2/2

    The model is similar to the previous one. The basic difference is in the battery. With the increased voltage (14, 4B) above the torque, which means that the snooper will be able to cope with the fater slices. In addition, the lithium battery is light and simple in " walking " .metabo= There is an indication of battery charge and direction of rotation on the shell.

  5. BOSCH PSB 10, 8 LI-2

    It has all the benefits of the previous model (including two speeds and two batteries). The 10, 8 V accumulator made it possible to make the instrument super-compact and easy for easy work in a stunned space. The practical supplement is the impact function to drill the holes in the concrete and brick.

hammer= hammer= hitachi= bosch=

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