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Choice Of Schrupovvert

Shwed wrote: The Chinese didn't choose - we're not so rich.

The Chinese are different, too. It just needs to be understood that there's a tool for domestic use, but it's professional, but it's naturally more expensive and with a completely different resource. Everyone decides what matters to him.
If there are two approximately the same size instruments, one may be more weight than the other. Because the parts are made of plastic or light alloys. The job resurrection will naturally be different.
The vendors at the firm stores are honestly warning that the tool is domestic, not professional. The construction usually lasts six months, a year tops.
Makita, which we have sold for the last five to six years, is produced in the same China. As an instrument, this has not been practically affected. What I love about this brand is the best price-quality ratio. It earns its resources in three years of daily tense operation. If it's broken, it's not easy. And the spare parts are worth a lot of money, unlike the European brand instrument, when almost all repairs cost half the cost of the new instrument.
Don't put fans in me and owners of such tools. It's my personal opinion, formed in the twenty years of work.
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