Кейс для шуруповерта 14v

Case For The Wimp

I'm offering Dr. Craton CDL-12-1-H with lithium batteries.

There's a battery kit, a charger, a convenient case, a battery set and a drill.

Catering voltage 12 V
Battery capacity 1, 3 A*h
Type of battery Li-ion
Battery charge time 1 hour
Transfer 2
Braking speed 0-400 w/min
Maximum torque 13, 7 N*h
torque limit 17+1
Working range of 1-10 mm
Mass, kg 1

Battery and case kit
Stupid torque regulator
Electronic speed controller
Cut handle
Lighting the work area
Direction switch(s)
Free escape brake

The store, "All... To the lamp."

Guarantees and conditions of return

The security plate is filled.
Twelve months from the date of purchase.
Service centres in Vladivostok, Naodka, Ussurisk et al.

Delivery and payment

  • Self-export - Villkov Street 14a
  • Delivery to the city is 300 p.
  • Delivery to transport company 200 p.
  • Delivery to Vladivostok and transport company free of charge

Oil. Wilkova, 14a, everything... to the lamp.
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