Bosch Shurovet

  • Price: 475 roubles (or Δ 35 + intermediary)

Hello, everyone. Both of the batteries in the Bosch GSR 12-2 Shrupover died unexpectedly. It's a mystery thing. Maybe six months without a case, or can be used daily. You won't guess. It happened this time. There's been a need for a long-term work of a scoop and he's out of order. I know it's okay to redo batteries on li-ion 18650, but I don't have any of those in my household. It was decided to redo the battery by hand. In more detail about the process of transferring the NCd battery to the LiPo 3S battery from the quadrocopter to the cat:

Update: At the end of the review, information was added on the installation of a pilgrim.

I have to pay tribute to this scumbag who's been in my household for over seven years, maybe eight. NiCd ' s home batteries with a capacity of 1,500 mAh were long and persistent. And on this last day of spring, dead!

As the schrupovart needed a " here and now " , it was decided to redo the battery by hand. I have a quadrocopter eachine Racer 250. And the first sharks I bought for him were Chinese Power. 3rd bowls, 1,500 mAh. Buyd another winter on Taobao because it's the fastest delivery option for me. As soon as it turns out, batteries on the triple! Real capacity 1300 mAh. The mouse has already had a review of these batteries. Flying for a couple of weeks on these sharks, I ordered the normal lobbying, and they went to the box. And now they're here today.

So, for the transfer, I needed:
(1) LiPo 1500mAh 3S 11.1V
(2) 2 con manifolds of Mom/Papa XT-60 (possibly unavailable, but I had a farm, so I made a fast-moving/replaceable battery)
(3) 1 4th blancineration of the " mama " (was been removed from some old video recorder)
(4) 4pin-4pin longer to connect the balance sheet to the charger
(45) 20 cm wire 14AWG

and instrument: piano, spark, rubber, glue and straight hands.

I decided to replace my own battery with LiPo without any balance sheets.
It's faster (not waiting for a month or two while they get the right fee).
And cheaper.
From the minus, it is not desirable to use a state charger. But who needs it? Charge the current 200mA if you can put some iMax on 1, 5-2 amper. Hurry up! Also, it's desirable not to test fate for the full battery. It's just time to charge/charge the ACB. It's not complicated.
If you still want to put a balance sheet and charge a full-time ultrasound, there was a review on the muse.

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