основные виды бит

Bits For Snoop

Shrupovvert is widely used by modern machines: the device enables maximum fixation of the anchorages while reducing the time of work and improving the appearance of the finished product. The worms are its main working parts, which largely determine the functionality of the device.

Batteries for Shrupovart

It is this small working element that is subject to the main load, and therefore, when chosen, attention should be paid to the mass of factors:

  • Like a tip. The crusade, sliding, six-strong or other form is all dependent on which specific reinforcements are to be worked. Leroy Merlen offers the purchase of a set of special battles that minimize the number of outstanding tasks.
  • Fixing density. The boarding must be perfectly consistent with the diameter of the schrupovvert, sit tight, not tremble in the process.
  • The quality of the material. The beetle under snoring can be made of sound stainless steel, but for professional application, it is better to select more solid products from tungsten, chromium and molybden. It is also desirable to have a protection coating from the tungsten or carbide that protects metal from hysteria and rust.
  • Restrictor. This detail should have a hypso-arton bat, because it is the one that lets not fall into the material.
  • Combined design. This feature implies that a single product has a couple of tips, which makes it possible to achieve good savings in the purchase.

In our company, you can find not only a set of strike battles, but also a special holder for them that has been produced from magnetic material. These devices will always be able to keep the workers under hand, not to fear loss, to keep the whole set in one place. You'll always be assisted by consultants at the Leroy Merlen shop!

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