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Battery Recovery

thirdmanWere you often confronted with the breakdown of the batteries in the shoewriters and the shrinking of this new battery?

Sooner or later, the issue of the purchase of a new battery when working with the batteries is concerned is that the battery is stop chargingThe discharge is unreasonably fast, even with a low load, the torque decreases significantly, and the snoopover still works!

Signal symptoms?

All of these are signs of aging, wear and battery failure, which consists of any battery to a snoop.

You can save it!

Repair Batteries for snoops - Now this service is possible, accessible, profitable, and yet with a guarantee of three months!

Professionals Certified TehnoZoo Service Center:

  • Seize your non-function battery;
  • Inspection and defection of battery hull, temperature sensor, contact and other battery components;
  • New batteries are being set up: the special bench loads, discharges and recharges the battery to determine the actual capacity and verify each element;
  • Next, the required number of batteries is connected to the battery as appropriate.secondman We use an impulsive welding machine so that the welding position is minimal, strong and has no impact on the operational capacity of the batteries. Typically, the connecting nickel plates shall be carried at 4x points on each element;
  • The assembled battery is placed in the old battery body and returned to the client cheaper than the new analog and the guarantee!

What are our advantages:

  • Assessment and maintenance of battery;
  • Replacement of all battery components to the newly tested;
  • The ability to install larger receptacles than was originally possible;
  • 4th point impulse point weld on each element for quality and reliable transfer of currents;
  • Guarantees for work performed - 3 months;

Address of the service centre:

Аккумуляторный гайковерт (без батареи) AEG BSS 12 C-0Mr. Minsk, Ul. Attack 62/5 School Floor. Reverse entrance of the former IWT dining hall

Urban: 80 • MTS: 8029-7-629-629 • Velcom: 8029-3-629-629;

Technology Services Centre

The service centre Techno Zu began its work in 1994. In 2004, the service centre was registered by the Minsk Gorispol in a single Gos. Register of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs.

старый аккум firstman
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