Делаем Li-Po аккумулятор для

Bags To Snoop

The battery for Metabo is represented in this heading. In the manufacturer ' s range there are unique elements of nutrition: a capacity of 4 A*h with an increase of 33% of the working time and capacity of 5, 2 A*h, by size and weight of the corresponding equivalents of 3 A*h, but with a resource, 75 per cent more.

You can get the battery to Metabo's scoundrel, Wintovert, drills and other instruments of this manufacturer. There are slider and rim feeding elements. Many models are presented in a set of two grand with a charger.

Major benefits

  • LightBatteries for snoopers Metabo and other instruments have light indicators showing state of charge and warning of overheating risk.
  • Air Cooled system - intended for the shore charging and cooling of the elements. The filling time is reduced by 30 per cent compared with conventional batteries and charging devices.
  • Protective systems - prevent overheating of the power components and automatically disable them when critical temperatures are reached. The lithium-ion battery for Metabo class LI-Power Extreme is protected from overloading.
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