Какой перфоратор лучше купить

What A Perforator Is Better

Перфоратор для домашнего мастераIn order to be able to adopt its model for work, it is proposed to look at the characteristics of the various designs and the list of technical solutions for their implementation embodied in the multiple designs of perforators produced by modern producers.


The perforator shall be created for the openings of concrete, brick, stone-crowded high-performance constructions by mechanical blows on board which combined progressive and rotational movement occurs.

The additional tasks of the perforator are:

1. Deployment of openings in various materials by drift;

2. Extensive series of axes in the hammer mode.

As with all modern tools, it is given multifunctionality.Принцип формирования удара у дрели Using a variety of special landings, they can:

  • drill the holes;
  • Apply various construction solutions;
  • Clean the surface of metal, stone, concrete;
  • To carry out the lock;
  • produce many other jobs.

How does it work? Perforator

Tools creating openings in construction walls, including perforators, are designed with different technical solutions.

How the impactor works.

The structural difference between the normal drilling is that it causes a lot of small-scale axial beatings through the use of a mechanical six-layer.

The upper part of the impactor structure consists of a permanently fixed pole with a complex line of contact, and the lower from the electric motor is connected to the holder of the working body. At its contiguous contact end, the same relay pole as may:

1. To be separated from the upper part of the metal locker as shown in the picture;

2. or press the surfaces.

If the locker is in place, it excludes the contact of the relay machines: the drill operates in a smooth drilling mode without any axial impact. When the holder ' s beam mode is used to extract the locker, the power of the electric motor is rotating the sliding pole on the ingress and the sliding outlets, and the amber is supplied with the axial motions.

The user shall, however, be required to pressure the device on the body and to lock it into the swillable parts to make the discs contact with the relay surfaces.

How the perforator hits

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