Минусы: Немного хлипковатые

Russian Perforators

Any master will need an Energomash perforator to repair the house. This is a low-cost and reliable Russian production tool used to overthrow and add stone walls. It can also be used as a normal drill by performing wood, metal, plastic.

Equipment selection features

All Energomash perforators are part of the household class of the tool and are not intended for intensive professional use at large construction sites. But they are not better suited to home repairs. The manufacturer represents a large range of equipment, and everyone may choose a model for work.

If a tool is needed primarily to carry out the openings in the walls, the 2nd moderator (stroke and no), sds-plus holder and impact force up to 3 J.

For the destruction of stone materials, such as the stoves and tunnels, it is better to take Energomash perforator with the " impact drilling " and " disposal " functions. He usually has sds-max, and the force is up to 29 J.

The most universal is a three-mode instrument with a sds-plus bullet and a 3-J impact force. It combines the capabilities of the equipment described above.

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