Как выбрать перфоратор: обзор

Review Of Perforators

At first sight, there is no difference between the impact drill and the perforator. Both instruments have impact correlation and correlation functions.

But if the core function is drilling, the perforators have the main function. As a consequence, there is a very large difference in the design of instruments.

The drill is primarily designed to overturn the openings and the impact function is additional, short-term. Long-term use of this function leads to the rapid deterioration of all parts and the breakdown of the instrument.

Perforators have the primary function of breaking holes in solid material. The impact function is therefore the primary function.
As a consequence, it has a structure that is fundamentally different from the design of the impactor, which enables it to carry out the task successfully. In addition, perforators are equipped with SDS-Plus bullets.

SDS-Plus - Special Direct System (special direct system - fast-track bullet). The SDS-Plus system is designed for rapid change of windows in impact and sliding instruments. Today, the SDS-Plus system is used in 90 per cent of the perforators and light and middle class hammers.

Basic parameters to be taken into account Perforator selection:

(1) The power absorbed depends on the perforator ' s speed and the maximum span diameter;

(2) Impact energy - the instrument ' s performance in the malfunction mode;

(3) maximum span diameter - the manufacturer ' s recommendations on the maximum diameter of bethone, metal and wood shall be taken into account.

(4) Aeronomicity - an instrument should be convenient. To assess the convenience of the perforator, it must be held in hand. An uncomfortable instrument would make work difficult and could even lead to injuries.

(5) price - an indicator that today describes the reliability of the instrument. In other words, if all perforators are similar, but the price of one of them is significantly higher, nine out of a hundred, the more expensive instrument will be much more reliable and durable.

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