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Repair Of Perforator

ремонт перфоратора своими рукамиAlektromash P-1150, 5 years of intensive operation. I've never been serviced at this time, repairs to the perforator have not been done. Work modes are always dusty, so at least perforator prevention was mandatory, at least to replace lubricants. What we'll do with our hands.

Fault symptoms:

  • It doesn't work periodically.
  • Elevated noise in rotation mode.
  • Strikes in " impact rotation " .

Electrical part

Let's go in order. First, we'll eliminate the malfunction of the pussy. And we start repairing the perforator with our hands from the simplest. We've got a perforator's pen, we're checking the cable feeding and the canvas. Cabelle's calling a notebook, bending it during the inspection. That's how the nutrient housing is found in isolation.профилактика перфоратора своими руками Cabelle was fine in this case.

We've got a switch, we're looking and we're clearing the burnt contacts. The reason was in them, the keyboard malfunction is removed.

Since the electro-instruction is already in the process, the prevention of the perforator will be completely unnecessary. So we're checking the cheek and the Rothor contact group. Deeply purified from the dust of the engine hull and the vents.замена смазки в перфораторе своими руками Shields change if necessary, the contact group shall be cleaned with the help of the nickel paper.

Perforator refrigerator lubrication

The lubrication inside the rector is filthy greasy (the original was light brown), which suggests that it has metal dust. That's the reason why the rotating noise. It's a replacement. perforator lubricants It would remove such a defect in the work of the instinct.

Completely remove the old kerosene or gasoline lubricant, smear the tractor and the sliding pole. A fresh consensual lubricant (litol or salt).

Verification of the impactor point group

We're looking at a curvasive-shot machine. In this case, there are no Lufts, no lubricant in good condition. The first pistol that injects air into the impactor is free from damage. The rubber seal rings are correct, no sign of wear.

смазка редуктора перфоратора своими руками ремонт перфоратора
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