Как разобрать перфоратор или

Perforator Malfunctions

The perforator is such a tool, without which to date it is difficult to provide the bulk of repair and construction work. That is why, today, every person involved in repair and construction seeks to acquire this tool. The perforator repair video will be interested in anyone who wishes to learn to identify and correct the debris of the instrument.

Explanation of cause of breakdown

To know what needs to be repaired, the causes of the perforator malfunction need to be addressed. This will help this video.

Replacement of the perforator

Where at Perforator work You've been hearing an uncharacteristic silest for normal work, or you've suddenly felt that it's been soaking, that's the time to change the puppet. How do you look at this video?

Processing of perforator

The perforator refrigerator is necessary to transmit the rotary motion from the engine to the holder. It's the impactor that triggers action. In order to lubricate the details or replace them, the redrafter must be selected. How do you do that, watch this video.

There's another video about the rector.

Perforator lubrication

If the perforator is not to fail, it is necessary to take proper care of it. One of the basic conditions for proper care is the regular lubrication of the instrument. And to lubricate the device, it needs to be removed. How to do this, you'll know if you look at this video.

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