Коронка для перфоратора

Perforator Impact

The perforator is a device used to drill the openings, it is functionally similar to the drilling, but the existence of a strike mechanism is unlike. The perforator trimms solid material such as marble, brick, granite and concrete. Universality is the greatest advantage of the perforator, and it can not only screw and drill. The perforator can obligate itself, use solvents and many others. The working part of the instrument is crown, tooth, pick and storm. It should be borne in mind that the perforator is not suitable to drill small holes.

Three modes may operate:

  • Surplus regime;
  • Treatment of supplementation;
  • Combined regime.

The most important characteristics of the choice are:

  1. Перфоратор Power
  2. Burning
  3. Number of working speeds
  4. idle speed
  5. Impacts per minute and impact energy
  6. Weight.
  7. Cooling moment
  8. Feeding and length of network
  9. Complexation


Power is one of the main features of the instrument. It determines not only the amount of electricity consumed, it depends on the strength and speed of the device. The higher the power, the faster the perforator works. There is also an increase in the number of materials he can use.

Driving type

The drilling may be done in one of the two options:

  • SDS-Plus - holds drills in diameter not exceeding 10 mm;
  • SDS-Max holds a drill in diameter to 18 mm.

SDS-Plus are usually used for domestic use, professional perforators are equipped with SDS-Max. Two types of rounds are provided: ordinary and fast. The optimum option for professional and domestic use is a fast-track bullet that allows the storms to change without using a special key, with a light force of hands.

Number of speeds

It is important to consider the number of speeds when selecting the aggregate. Budgeted household models typically have one speed; more expensive household and professional models have two to five speeds and are equipped with a speed and impact adjustment mechanism. The function is necessary in dealing with complex materials and carefully accurate drilling.

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