Как пользоваться перфоратором

How To Use Perforator

Устройство ударного механизма перфоратораWhen the holes in the brick or concrete are drilled, they usually use a perforator or a shock drill in which the rotation of the spark (bura, crowns) is accompanied by an axial impact. These instruments are considered to be similar in effect, but in fact they have no less than similarities. What is the difference between the perforator and the impactor? First of all, in their main function, the perforator has this-- a dolph, a severance of the impactor.

Impact mechanism

Differences in the core function have determined the differences in the impactor schemes. The perforator has a rather complex knot, which exists in two performances - electromechanical and electro-pneumatic. The most common electro-pneumatic type, which provides the best operational parameters of the instrument. The figure below shows the electrical perforator pattern.

Perforator impactor device: 1 is drunken, 2 is flogged, 3 is Taran, 4 is impactor (side), 5 is the sixth of the engine.

The rotary movement of the electric motor shall be transformed by a curvature-shaped mechanism or by a specially catastrophic spherical sypist into a reversal-initial propulsion of the porcine. By compression in the cavity between the porch and the taran, the latter shall be dispersed and, through the impactor, transmits its energy to the instrument - overthrow, dental, storm, crown, etc. Details on the perforator device. Perforator device

Ударный механизм ударной дрелиThe impact mechanism is much easier to do. It consists of two snobs, one connected to the Drel Corps, the other with a rotating bullet. When the impact function is deactivated, the shrapnels do not contact each other because of the stack between them. When drifting the drift into the impact position, the stop shall be removed and when compressed to the material, the shrapnel shall begin to contact each other by swinging towards each other. At the same time, the holder and the swerve shall be given a semetic retaliation.


The differences in the design of the impactors determine the significant differences in the performance of the perforator and impact drift.


Modern full-functional perforators have three modes of operation: non-rotation (gauge hammer), rotation without impact, rotation with impact. The perforator may be used not only to corroborate various materials, but also other works - the marking of the thread or the shrine in the stone walls, the rocking of the material, etc.

Ударный механизм ударной дрелиPerforator mode switch (Bosch). Between the "Enforcement of Strikes" regime and "Accurate-Failure-" mode, the dental position (Vario-Lock).

Splication of stove with no stitching

The impact drill shall be used only to overturn the openings and shall be operated in two modes: the drilling without impact and the impact drilling.


The production of the perforator when the stone material is sliding is somewhat higher than the output of the impactor. This is mainly the result of a higher energy impact. The perforator has 1, 5 J for light models to 20 J for heavy. Drel energy is small. It depends on the power of the instrument to cling to the material. Even if the power of compression is great, the energy of the impact still remains small because of the small amplitude of the axial motion overthrows equal to the height of the tooth of the shrapnel. The perforator ' s productivity is also enhanced by its mass, which exceeds the mass of the impactor of the same power.

With the same capacity of instruments, the opening diameter that can be obtained using the perforator is approximately 1.5% greater than the diameter of the openings obtained by the impactor. The difference increases even more if a crown is used to slide.

Coroner openings

Tool and reinforcement

The difference between the impact drill and the perforator in the instruments used and the means of attaching them. The most common tools for perforator are presented in the figure below.
Переключатель режимов работы перфоратора (Bosch) Откалывание плитки перфоратором в режиме удара без сверления Проделывание отверстия при помощи коронки Буры, зубила, коронка и штроберы
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