Перфоратор Hilti TE 30-A36

Hilti Perforator

Spring is the time of renewal, and it's no secret that most of our newcomers are in the spring. This article continues to review the instruments that will be sold for the first time in April-May 2015.

Meet the new perforator Hilti T 4-A22!

You'll say you've known each other, and this perforator is known to you a long time ago? Then look at the picture. What our clients have been waiting for five years has come to pass. The new modification of the perforator allows for the installation of the TE DRS 4-A vacuum module specifically designed for it.

Now bury concrete walls, floors, ceilings can be in a living room, an office, even in child and health facilities. The work will be carried out cleanly, without dirt and dust, no additional cleaning will be required.

Up to 98 per cent of the smallest and most dangerous dust that, without the DRS, would be in our lungs, will remain in the container, and 97 per cent of the dust normally scattered in the upper respiratory routes will also be detained by the DRS filter. In fact, 96% of the waste will be collected. No other manufacturer has shown such an outstanding result!

It is understandable that, when using the fastest-moving windows, the DRS container will be filled up around the time the battery is discharged, so that its clean-up will coincide with the replacement or charging of the battery.
With a buoy of 6 mm diameter, the container will be full after approximately 70 openings of 80 mm depth, with an 8 millimeter storm after 40 openings, with a 12 millimeter storm to fill the capacity, you will drill 18 openings.
Of course, various factors have a significant impact on air flow and DRS efficiency. For example, drilling (vertical or horizontal) or the properties of basic material (beton, brick, porous material).

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