перфоратор, Екатеринбург

Ekaterinburgh Perforator

Split the ceiling isn't always his stitching. There are several other ways to separate the ceiling, more comfortable. One of them is the ceiling. One of the stitching materials is a laminated DVP stove. Now let's see more detail on this way.

1. You need to hit the ceiling with the raids. But first, measure it. If the ceiling is straight, the raids need to use one thickness. Well, if it's uneven, it can be compensated for the use of rivers of different lengths. Linear and flexible measurements shall be used. One end of the level has to be kept at the clean ceiling. Ask the assistant to hold the end of the level, and the other ends yourself, check the anchorage of the rivers with the linear readings. Write the difference between the inconsistencies on the ceiling with a pencil. It's very convenient for the forthcoming installation of reeks. If you mark the ceiling, prepare and raise the size of your raids.
2. The ceiling surface is followed by tightening raids. Put them in parallel across the whole surface. Turn the holes on the ceiling for the stiffs with the help of the drift, put wooden or plastic plugs in those holes and attach the place of the raid. The ends of the raids are sealed. For laminated VEH, the distance between neighbouring racks is 50-75 cm. For plastic panels, this figure is 20 to 30 cm.
3. It is now necessary to attach the DFS leaflets to the raids. This can be done by means of a stun or a simple screwdriver and arse. You can just nail the stoves. Set the DVP so that they close their length to the whole width of the room. It is difficult to obtain a suitable sheet of material for large spaces. You can hit the ceiling with a few smaller sheets. The confrontations can be masked by thin decorative raids. Get a carnival on the ceiling perimeter.
4. If you decided to hit the ceiling with plastic panels or rabnospan, one or two brackets should be included in the mounting unit. Put these skirts on the racks before the boarding. Get the panels in the stutter. If the space is narrow, the panels should be mounted across the wall so that the space does not narrow visually. Install the panels, set the ceiling on the perimeter of the strip plan.

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