Минусы: применение физической

Dental Perforators

The perforator Zubre will be fine for use. It's easy to drill the hole in the stone, concrete, brick, etc. Also, he'll let you take off the old stove in the kitchen or in the bathroom, smash a little puzzle. In doing so, thanks to the existence of a muft, the user will be protected against reversal, even if the window in the course of the work is locked. The engine won't hurt either, because the editor and the gate are instantly disconnected.


Depending on the type of tailor, the following varieties of perforators may be distinguished:

  • sds-plus - Usually applied only for span (with or without impact);
  • sds-max - may be used for lung-neutral work (extension of doors or windows, dismantling of the old café, etc.).


For convenience in hard-to-reach areas Some perforators of Zubre (e.g. CP-650EC-1 or CP-780EC) have a " Doloth " function. This window can be fixed in the operator ' s position.

All Zubre perforators with long-lasting household use through a well-designed engine cooling system: when operated, it is not overheated due to air from the ventilation holes. Many models also have a special conversion system, the cheek turn. If the master changes the direction of the desalination, they turn 90° around the manifold. Okay. cheeks are much slower.

Our store has SDS-max and SDS-plus, different power. Necessary expendables for tools and buyers ' feedback are included in the product card.

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