Перфоратор Bosch GBH 3-28 DRE

Bosch Perforator

Bosch Perforators are tools for openings in materials such as concrete, brick, stoves, etc. They have a pneumatic impacting system, which is fundamentally different from impact drills. The perforators have drills and beers installed in special SDS rounds as a working pole.

Special features of Bosch perforators

  • Speed, compact, ergonomic;
  • The existence of a safety fluff;
  • built-in vacuum cleaner;
  • The ideally distributed perforator weight allows for work without extra effort and with exceptional comfort.

Popular models

  • Bosch (SDS-plus) GAH 500 DSR is a light perforator with a built-in vacuum system.
  • Bosch (SDS-max) GBH 7-46 DE is a powerful tool for any intensity. Individual speed adjustment, default locking and new ergonomic extra manoeuvre.

If you have any questions on the instrument, contact our manager on the phone and answer them. You can buy electric. Perforator Bosch It's quick, profitable and convenient!


Bosch Perforators are designed to create holes in concrete, brick, stoves, stones and other similar materials with high hardness, with sufficient thickness. They're like impact drills, they only have a pneumatic impact mechanism, as opposed to the latter. This electrical tool is characterized by compact sizes and excellent ergonomics, allowing for easy working a long time without feeling fatigue.

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