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Bosch 2-26

It is known that the perforator is an electrical tool designed to drill holes in solid materials such as concrete and stone, and to drill into softer, such as metal, wood and brick. While perforators are one of the most popular types of tools among professionals, there is the view that perforators are very heavy, that they are not comfortable with them, and that they occupy much more rooms in storage than usual drilling. However, together with large and heavy perforators with engine vertical positions, there is a mass of light models with a horizontal location of the engine with sufficiently compact dimensions and small for the perforator, weight. For example, the perforator from Robert Bosch is GBH 2-26 DFR. With a weight of 2.7 kg and a suitable horizontal engine position, this perforator will be perfectly suitable for any homework. With the SDS-plus bullet, it is possible to replace any working tool quickly, simply and conveniently without the use of an additional tool. The holder secures the buoyancy of the storm, provides a guarantee against its turn, and has a free movement that significantly increases the impact of the perforator. The existence of a separate mechanism responsible for impact only enables the implementation of three operating modes of the instrument by means of a switch - normal drilling, a drilling roll and a mere impact mode - which is used for shredding, for stackling the stoves, removal of the bulkheads between the walls, Interesene mode - Vario-Lock, designed to change the dental position. Let's turn this mode into a switch between the strike and the Adding regimes, and we'll put the toothyl in the right position, and we'll record it by turning the switch to the "distance." The pneumatic impact mechanism Bosch, with a frequency of between 0 and 4,000 blows per minute and a single impact energy of 2, 7 J, provides the maximum force of impact in solid material regardless of the pressure. Hit... ♪

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