УШМ (болгарка) Sturm AG9018P


Sturm is good for sliphon and polishing, as well as cut-off. Reliability is ensured by protecting the engine from overheating and dusting on its electrical connections, an instrument that will last for years even in intensive operation.

Main advantages of SMT Sturm

  • Cargonomy - The main handle has a suitable form to hold, and it doesn't slip out of hand. The additional manual is fixed in several provisions, which facilitates the use of the instrument by right and left. In addition, this opportunity will be useful in working in a shy space.
  • Safety - Sturm corners have a launch button block, which prevents the accidental launch of the instrument and the related possible injuries of the operator. The skin that closes the disk prevents the string and spark to humans.
  • Reliable design - The Sturm Bulgarian body is discharged from the impactor plastic and the handler from the lithium aluminium. All service knots are safely protected against mechanical damage.
  • Usability - replacement of the beds is facilitated by locking the spindle, and rapid access to the cheeks facilitates their replacement without recourse to the service centre.
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