Законченный вариант

Stane For The Bulgarian

The special electrical stops provide an opportunity to significantly improve the safety of the work done, to increase accuracy and to save time and strength to the master. Larua Merlen can detect fixtures for various devices.

Drilling stop: characteristics of use and choice

Dried holder helps to carry out the following tasks effectively:

  • Completion in strict accordance with the defined angle. It's particularly relevant to work with hard materials, when it's hard to keep the device in hand, it's always sliding away.
  • Dealing to a certain depth when technological deepenings are needed not through openings.

The following parameters shall be taken into account when selecting a drilling silicon or, for example, a Bulgarian bar:

  • Total reliability of the design. Impossible vibration of bolts in the process of work, all anchorages must be strong and rigid.
  • Opportunity for precise design. The quality stand shall be sufficiently universal and shall include the possibility of adjusting the anchorages according to the dimensions of the device used.
  • Possibility of installing additional elements. For example, a bulb stanine or other rigid element may be installed that enhances the functionality of the device.

Lerua Merlen consultants are always happy to tell their clients what are best suited for specific tasks. The entire product of our store is certified, meets all the strict requirements of strength and quality!

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