Ремонт болгарки макита

Maquita Bulgarian Repairs

We're repairing the electrical tools of both world brands and small-known firms. Remove any type of tool from snoop and electrolysis to U.S. and perforator.

The electrical tools we're repairing are:

Bosch, Dewalt, FESTOOL, HITACHI, Makita, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Efco, Echo, Husqvarna, Honda, Gardena, Murray, MTD, Oleo-mac, Stihl, Snapper, Shindaiwa, Wolf Garten, Viking, Yard-Man, Metabo

The cost of repairs consists of the cost of works and the cost of spare parts and consumables required during repairs.

Value of work:

Cost of spare parts:
The exact cost of spare parts will be reported to you by the master after the diagnostic of the equipment. Then you decide whether to repair it.

Repair dates:
If spare parts are available, repairs are 1-2 days, the maximum waiting time for spare parts is 30 working days.

Additional information:

Electrical engineering repairs: brendes and debris

The repair of the scoundrel, the repair of the perforator, the repair of the marshmallow anchor, the repair of the drones, the tasks for professionals. Electrical Maintenance Centre The Good Master offers a good service for the repair of the Strogino electrical equipment and the repair of the electrical equipment at the MAL.

Company technicians repair Hitachi, BOSSH, repairs to Metabo, DeWalt, Makita and other known brand devices. Electrical repairs are located in the North-West Administrative Region. We can order repairs to the Maquita electrical tool in Moscow and surrounding areas.

Proposed services:

- repair and sale of electrical tools;
- Diagnostics and * repair of the button of shurupovert**;
- Replacement, repair of the mooring battery;
- repair of the Bulgarian engine, rector;
- repair of the Bulgarian locker;
- Diagnostics, repair of impact drill, rotary;
- repair of battery drift;
- Removing the disc saw/renovating the pepper saw.
- saw partner 350 repairs.

Available prices, individual customer approach, quality assurance, high-quality repairs, electrical tools from any producer, all different from the Good Master Service. We propose repairs to Bosch (Moscow, Strogino) perforators, Hitachi-electronics diagnostics, repairs to Husqvarna's instrument, repairs to Bulgarians, shuraverts, drifters.


Implement comprehensive repairs to the snooperate (knob, engine, battery, etc.) and, depending on the manufacturer: repair of the Hitachi Shrupovart, Steel, repair Boschrepairs to Sturm, Honda, Metabo, repairs to Maquita scoop. The repair of the scoundrel carried out by our specialists allows the extension of the age of the aggregate.

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