Интерскол УШМ-125 /900 фото

Interscal Bulgarian

Among all the building tools, the Bulgarian Interscoll has a separate niche and the demand for them is different from its permanence. This is justified because such an instrument can handle different surfaces, cut off metal, stone, brick, and Interscal's ear prices are one of the most accessible.

There are several kinds of ears.

  • domestic
  • Professional
  • Industrial

Interscal's professional ear is the most popular. Because they have greater productivity, with 8 hours of work, are small and suitable for many tasks.

Security and procurement methods

Also, the main advantages of Interscoll Bulgarian are the ergonomic hull and a high degree of safety. For example, protection against the accidental actuation of the charcoal, good anti-vibration system, dust protection, double insulation, etc. These benefits can also be found in domestic models. Professional Bulgarians are more likely to be single-handed, have compact sizes and small weights, all of which are well reflected in their work, and people are not tired and show great productivity. An important council, when selecting UMM, clearly recognize its power, the number of revolutions and the diameter of the sliphate circle.

Any USM carbon shelf machine has balanced weight, power and resource. When selecting a suitable Bulgarian model, call on our consultants to help determine when buying the instrument.

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