Как выбрать болгарку:

How To Pick A Bulgarian

It's right to choose a "bulgar"

Carbon sliphon machines (UXM) or, as they are already in the bypass, called " Bulgarians " , one of the most used and non-replaceable tools, both at the production and at the home shop. This is provided that the design itself of the charcoal sliphon machine is very simple, and without special changes, there has been a long time. But let's get to the point.

The name itself is " carbon " from the type of editor used on the instrument. Carbon refrigerator has been used for a long time and in various fields of technology. It's enough to remember the most conventional windmills where wind power was transferred to the garners through a medium like the charcoal cars. There is no specific information on who owns the " primordial palm " in the invention of the charcoal sliphon machine. Technical museums in many countries around the world can see a wide variety of devices that can easily be considered as the driver of the cornering machine. The difference is they're one from the other, most often only the drive. Devices with mechanical, pneumatic, petrol and even vapour transmission shall be met. Modern angular cars have electrical and pneumatic transmission.

Electrical sliphon machines can be powered from both the network and the batteries. Still, it's hard to determine who first started the charcoal sliphon machines as we used to watch them on the construction, on shop shelves. For example, at the beginning of the forty-first century, the German company AEG (Allgemeine Elektrizitts-Gesellschaft) or the transfer of the Common Electric Company started the production of the first sliphical and politician electric machines. You might be interested in why AEG is the firm we're remembering now? The answer is very simple - it is this firm that in far 1966, the Bulgarian Elprom Lovec factory, which produced a wide variety of electric motors, both for industry and for domestic use, acquired a patent for the manufacture of a charcoal sliphon machine.

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