Станина для болгарки Sturm

For Bulgarian

This section presents special devices for UMM - keys for Bulgarian, stacks for UMM, support flanges, bars, protective jackets, etc. Let's see why you can't do this without these devices.

In order to protect the operator while working with UMM, it is recommended to use protective skin that prevents dust and small particles from falling into the eye. The skins differ in the total diameter of the discs for which a Bulgarian model is designed.
It is recommended that those craftsmen who often have to work and carry Bulgarian in different parts of the keja should purchase a backbone. She's making a sliphon machine much more comfortable. They're the same diameter as the U.S.D. they'll fit.

If necessary, the change of disk can be used by special keys for UMM, the main difference is the diameter of the cassette for which they are suitable, and securely fix the disk will help the back flank for the sliph machine and the gike for the bulb. If you need to use a disk whose size is greater than that of the Bulgarian, you'll need adapters for the sliphical circles - they can securely secure the disk for further work.

In order to process hard material surfaces, concrete, granite, etc., other Bulgarian devices are presented in the section: diamond cakes of different diameters.

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